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Old June 23rd, 2010, 09:56 PM
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Me and my sexy sister in law

Not too long ago I had a party, nothing too big, just a few friends over the house enjoying a few drinks. The party went well, everyone went home. The kids were asleep and my wife, her sister, and myself were hanging out in the parlor drinking the rest of the alcohol. We popped in a movie and shared the floor. We all passed out drunk. My wife was on one side of her sister and I was on the other. She layed perfectly in the middle. Now I have been undressing my sister in law with my eyes since I met my wife. She is a sexy little asian girl. As we layed on the floor I woke up because my back ws sore. I saw her laying with her back toward me. She was wearing a very small dress that had rode up in her sleep. She had a little white thong on and it was tightly stuck in her ass crack. I looked around and assessed how deep of a drunken sleep the girls were in and i decided to make my fantasy a reality. I slowly moved her thong to the side which took what seemed like forever. There it was. a little tightly closed asshole. It was beautiful. I sniffed my fingers as I worked my way toward the front. My shaking fingers touched her little petal shaped pussy lips. It was dry floppy. I finally got her thong out of the way and had the most perfect view of her asshole and pussy.
Being that I was not as drunk as she was, I decided to spit on a finger and moisten her twat a little. She moved a couple of times, she moaned once or twice which made me flinch everytime. My spit made her lips a little easier to move around. I eventually worked my way inside. Her pussy instantly got wet and it was so warn inside. I only got half of my middle finger inside, but that was enough. I didnt want to wake her up to kill me.
I then decided to step my game up and take one lick of her asshole and one lick of the wet pussy. I slowly turned my entire body 180 degrees and tounged her asshole. amazingly she lifted her leg a little. I checked to see if she had woke up and she was still knocked out. I moved in deeper, i took a nice lick of her moist pussy. I couldn't resist and began to lick more and more. She grabbed my head and scared the shit out of me. She looked me in the eye with her half shut bloodshot drunken eyes and licked her lips and said "keep going, um cum"
I licked away and said to hell with it. I turned my body back around and spooned behind her. I took her hand and placed it on my swollen cock. She grabbed it and jammed it toward her pussy but it poked her ass instead. Not having any lube, I just adjusted down a bit and slid my cock into her pussy. I reached around and groped her tits. She moaned as I shoved my cock in deeper and deeper. It took me about three minutes to cum because I was so excited. I cummed inside her and backed off. She fell back into her vodka induced coma and I watched my cum slowly leak out of her pussy. I played with it and rubbed it all over her lips. I went to my badroom and fell asleep.
In the morning she came to my bedroom and asked me if I knew what happened lastnight. I asked her if she knew what happened. As I layed in the bed she lifted her tiny skirt, yanked her panties to the side and showed me a hickey next to he pussy. She said, I watched you do it, I let you do it, I wanted you to do it, and I set this up just because I knew you would do it.
What a girl. Since then she has moved out on her own and is doing well. I can't wait until she fails at life again so I can invite her to stay in my home again. My wife has no idea of this event and hopefully never will. Her sisters pussy tasted better and was way tighter than hers, but I am happy at home. Thanks for reading. I have a couple more stories PM me if you liked this one, I would love to hear your feedback.
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